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Name: Furuhata Nao (古畑奈和)

Nickname: Nao (なお)


Birthdate: September 15, 1996
Birthplace: Aichi, Japan
Bloodtype: O
Current Age: 17 years old
Height: 159cm
B: **cm
W: **cm
H: **cm
Agency: Pythagoras
Group: SKE48/AKB48
Team: Team E/Team K
Debut: October, 2011 / 5th Generation
私と素敵な笑顔の交換をしてくれますか? ふんわりナチュラル、ちょっぴりドジな古畑奈和です
Watashi to sutekina egao no koukan shite kuremasu ka? Funwari nachuraru, choppiri dojina Furuhata Nao desu
(Will you trade a lovely smile with me? Natural, yet a bit clumsy, I am Furuhata Nao)
Favorite food: Ice (snowcone) and mother's cooking
Favorite flower: Osmanthus
Favorite color: Green & Yellow
Favorite animal: Frog
Desired future profession: Theatre actress
- Has a dog named "Rinta"
- Knows how to play saxophone, piano, and euphonium
- Known for her good relationship with Suga Nanako (NaoNan)
- Known for the "Furuhata jump" she does on handshake events, jumping from person to person
- Promoted to Team E on August 29, 2012
- Transferred to AKB48's Team K on April 28th, 2013. Made her debut with Team K on June 18, 2013
- Holds a Concurrent Position


AKB48 Senbatsu Elections:

- 4th Senbatsu Election - Not Ranked
- 5th Senbatsu Election - Not Ranked
AKB48 Janken Tournaments:
- 2nd Janken Taikai - Didn't qualify
- 3rd Janken Taikai - Didn't qualify
- 4th Janken Taikai - #15 (Lost to Tano Yuka)
Team History:
SKE48 Research Students → Team E → Team E and Team K
นาโอะ >__<

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